Hiking in Bardenas Reales

Hiking in Bardenas Reales

Hiking in Bardenas Reales

26 Dec 2013 Bardenas Reales, Hiking

The first time anyone enters Bardenas Reales the sensation is one of incredulity. We felt it ourselves and our clients also feel it on their "Bardenas baptisms".

Impossible rock forms, desolate landscapes, pure aridity... The Bardenas Reales area is one of the most unique in Spain. It is not for nothing that it is chosen for numerous publicity shots, music clips and film scenes.

Although tourism is only permitted on certain paths, hiking (together with MTB) is one of the best ways to lose yourself and discover Bardenas' best-kept secrets. The experience of solitude and absolute silence is unforgettable.

What's more, between September and March, the restrictions that are in place throughout the rest of the year on certain areas are lifted.

The spectacular scenery, the fact that you can even bring the children for walks, plus the sheer uniqueness of the place all mean that hiking in Bardenas Reales will not disappoint.

Plus, at Rutas Prepirineo we offer hiking and MTB routes that are adapted to everyone's level. The best destination with the best information: the perfect combination!